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At Pablo we believe in the value of effective L&D solutions as crucial drivers of sustainable growth and long-term success. Behavioural economists and business leaders agree that a positive learning culture gives organisations the competitive edge, leading to:

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Increased employee satisfaction and retention rates

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Improved overall performance

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Reduced levels of non-compliance

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Higher rates of customer satisfaction

To help you achieve these goals and take your learning strategy to the next level, we offer a wide range of tailored learning solutions, using proven instructional techniques, cutting-edge concepts and design thinking.

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While we continuously adapt to individual clients’ organisational needs, our core philosophy is based on addressing the needs of modern learners and digitally savvy audiences.

Whether you are just migrating from classroom to digital learning or in search of on-demand performance support tools for an online knowledge base, we bring the necessary expertise to make your digital learning project exceed all expectations. At Pablo we craft a wide range of digital learning experiences, ranging from cost-effective, rapid developments to comprehensive curricula and disruptive flagship pieces…

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Digital learning solutions we offer include:

  • E-learning
  • Microlearning
  • Learning games and gamification
  • Videos and animations (view-only or interactive)
  • Mobile learning
  • Performance support tools
  • Podcasts
  • Assessments
  • Learning portals
  • Software and systems simulations
  • Multi-media learning programmes

All of our solutions can be produced to SCORM-compliant or xAPI standards and hosted on your LMS. Alternatively, depending on the nature of your chosen solution, files can be delivered in html5, offline executable, mp3 or mp4 formats.

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At Pablo, we understand that even in today’s digital age, some learning requirements are best met with face-to-face coaching or classroom training sessions, allowing for personal contact with expert facilitators.

We also know that even the most skilled training professionals can enhance their delivery through the right learning assets. This is why we offer professionally designed, bespoke face-to-face learning materials, making use of proven visualisation techniques to reinforce understanding and long-term retention.

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Face-to-face materials we offer include:

  • Learning path and curriculum design
  • Professionally designed slide decks
  • Classroom activities and handouts
  • Assessment and certificate design
  • Train the trainer materials
  • Facilitator guides
  • Follow-up and performance support materials

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In our experience, when delivered correctly, blended learning can bring significant value to organisations across different sectors and regions. Through multi-channel and multi-component programmes, blended learning leverages the power of diversity. At Pablo, we believe that the broader the learning experience, the wider-reaching its impact will be. So, we love to support our clients in their blended learning projects, and reap their diverse benefits.

To get the best results, it is essential to invest sufficient thought into the architecture of your blended learning venture. Therefore, we recommend a preparatory analysis and programme design phase to ensure our clients ‘blend it right’.

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Support services we offer as part of our blended solutions include:

  • Needs analysis
  • Content mapping
  • Programme design
  • Programme management
  • Assessments and evaluation frameworks

Find out how we can help you to make the most of technology, while maintaining the value of the human factor for optimal learning outcomes.

Learning Strategy & Consultancy

To help you achieve your L&D goals, our experts are ready to share their knowledge and multinational, cross-sector experience. Our consultancy services are designed to make a difference and add real value, wherever you are on your learning journey.

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Our consultancy services include:

  • Migration of content from traditional classroom training to online delivery
  • Alignment of learning agenda with business objectives
  • Creation of competency frameworks
  • Strategic development of learning cultures and shift to new models, including 70:20:10, ‘pull’ to replace ‘push’, etc.
  • Talent management and leadership development

Tell us about the challenges you are facing and we will bring the necessary expertise to master them, helping you to meet your learning and business objectives.

How it works

We understand that each organisation is unique and therefore we adopt development approaches and ways of working that are tailored to each individual client’s needs. Luckily, our talented team is well-versed in a range of different learning project management techniques, ensuring we offer the right fit for everyone. As learning experts, for example, we recognise the benefits of waterfall-style project development methodologies, like ADDIE. At the same time, our tech-savvy digital experts opt for agile-based models for the development of more complex, multi-component solutions.

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Diverse subject areas

We are not only experienced in developing a wide range of different learning solutions, for diverse audiences across many sectors, but also in working with a vast array of subject matters.

Below are some of the areas our
experience covers:

  • Onboarding and inductions
  • Anti-harassment
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Health and safety
  • Customer service
  • Data protection
  • Information security
  • Financial regulations
  • Sector-specific ethics
  • Soft skills
  • Sales and product knowledge
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Software and systems
  • Clinical and pharmaceutical
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Broad or narrow, - we will examine your content carefully and apply the right approaches to bring even the driest subjects to life.

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Multi-language learning

In a world of increasingly global workforces, offering your audience a high quality learning experience across different languages is crucial for success. Our multilingual team knows how to develop solutions that address the needs of diverse, multicultural audiences and ensure that messages are understood by everyone.

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Comprehensive programmes and long-term initiatives

We understand that in order to achieve lasting results you often need more than a single intervention. This is why we offer our expertise beyond the requirements of a single solution: At Pablo we are skilled in complete curriculum design, and the execution of phased programmes. Thanks to our diverse production skills, we can deliver multi-component projects with a vast selection of media resources.

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Customer education

Our bespoke customer education solutions respond to the growing need raised by a constantly expanding choice of increasingly complex products and services. They can cover a wide range of business objectives, from reducing customer support costs to advancing our clients’ marketing strategies through raising awareness of unique selling points.

Internal Communications

Looking for a reliable internal communications partner? Your search ends here. We offer a wide range of tailored solutions to speak to your audience and get the message across.

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Accelerating growth? Introducing new processes, products, systems or services? Change can be scary and is often met with organisation-wide resistance. Our bespoke campaigns are the perfect tool for managing change every step of the way.

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